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Niklas Leverenz. The Battle of Qurman: A Third Fragment of the 1760 Qianlong Imperial Painting

Until recently, only two fragments were known to exist of the sixteen monumental wall paintings the Qianlong emperor (r. 1736–96) commissioned in 1760 to commemorate his conquest of East Turkestan in 1755–59. The fragments—both from the same painting, The Battle of Qurman—have distinctive characteristics, including inscriptions in Manchu written in gold on the quivers of the officers, which makes them easily identifiable (see the discussion of this painting in ‘From Painting to Print: The Battle of Qurman from 1760’, Orientations, May 2010, pp. 48–53; the second article in this series is ‘On Three Different Sets of East Turkestan Paintings’, in Orientations, November/December 2011, pp. 96–103).

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