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Peter Y. K. Lam. Museum Makers and Benefactors. Some Min Chiu Society Members

Min Chiu Society was established in 1960 as a club for serious Hong Kong collectors of Chinese art and antique objects. Its members, coming from professional backgrounds, are collectors with a passion for the rigorous pursuit of knowledge and aesthetic refinement. For six decades, the members of the Society have left a profound imprint on the efforts of promoting traditional Chinese art and culture both locally and abroad.

Private collections have always played an important role in the preservation of valuable artefacts in the history of China. The Min Chiu Society was founded on such a tradition, although its members over the years have moved away from the traditional collector’s notions of ‘private appreciation’, ‘collecting treasures for personal entertainment’ and ‘passing down heirlooms to their children in perpetuity’. While these collectors cherished their collections, they considered the objects to be held only in trust. 

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January/February 2021
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