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Andreas Marks. The Abstract Prints of Hagiwara Hideo

In 1954, the Japanese oil painter Hagiwara Hideo (1913–2007) turned to woodblock printmaking after falling ill with tuberculosis. Right from the start his prints were abstract in style, which made his reputation abroad as well as in Japan. Throughout his printmaking career he was a constant innovator in his choice of motifs, style and technique, and his works have been collected by many major museums, including The British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and The Art Institute of Chicago, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the National Gallery of Art and The Museum of Modern Art in the US. The Minneapolis Institute of Art, through recent, generous donations by the artist’s son Hagiwara Jo and collectors Gordon Brodfuehrer, and Sue Kimm and Seymour Grufferman, is home to what is arguably the largest collection of Hagiwara’s prints outside Japan and is currently presenting the first retrospective of his work, which showcases the artist’s enormous versatility.

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September/October 2020
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