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Book Review

Ravinder Reddy’s book serves as an introduction to the arms and armour of South Asia, focusing particularly on India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Although a psychiatrist by profession, Reddy has been a passionate collector of South Asian arms and armour for decades, and draws on his knowledge and collecting experience in this volume. However, this is not a scholarly publication, nor does Reddy claim it to be; he has written it for the general enthusiast and for anyone interested in collecting these materials. Rather than offering groundbreaking scholarship, his goal is to acquaint the reader with the subject, particularly through plentiful illustrations and information delivered in ‘bite-sized chunks’ (p. 9). He wants the reader to interact with the book as if it was a museum, stating: ‘You will meander around, soaking up the atmosphere, and leave with an appreciation, if not deep knowledge, of the history and arts of the period’ (p. 9).

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March/April 2020
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