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Theresa McCullough, Stephen A. Murphy, Clement Onn and Noorashikin Zulkifli. Faith and Belief: Level Two Galleries at the Asian Civilisations Museum

The Ancient Religions galleries on Level Two display the earliest forms and developments of Hindu and Buddhist art, and show how images changed as the religions travelled out of India to China and Southeast Asia, to assimilate local ideas and belief systems. Daoist beliefs and the concept of the Confucian scholar are displayed in the Scholars gallery, which occupies the second floor of a new wing, completed in 2015 as part of the overall museum revamp. The Christian Art gallery is the world’s first permanent museum gallery dedicated to Christian art made or used in Asia, while the Islamic Art gallery surveys diverse developments within the context of Islam’s eastward expansion into Asia and the Ancestors and Rituals gallery focuses on art from the traditional cultures of Southeast Asia.

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July/August 2019
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