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Katherine Anne Paul, Jewels of Transcendence: Himalayan and Mongolian Treasures

Approximately 150 items of jewellery and metal works from the Mengdiexuan and
Chengxuntang collections are highlighted in the upcoming exhibition ‘Jewels of
Transcendence: Himalayan and Mongolian Treasures’ (Art Museum, Institute of Chinese
Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 30 September 2018–February 2019) and
the three-volume scholarly publication of the same name, edited by Xu Xiaodong.
Works from Bhutan, Mongolia, Nepal and Tibet will be on view, juxtaposed with
historical photographs from the Newark Museum collection to illustrate how the items—
some with multiple functions—would have been used. Through several short case
studies, this article will point to the wealth of information contained in these treasures.

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Sep/Oct 2018
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