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Gautama V. Vajracharya. Mary Slusser (1918–2017)

Despite the fact that Mary Slusser took an interest in South Asian studies only in the latter half of her life, it did not take long for her to become a scholar of international repute in Nepal studies, a subject regarded as a complex one by both anthropologists and art historians. As the author of the celebrated two-volume monograph Nepal Mandala: A Cultural Study of the Kathmandu Valley (Princeton, 1982) and The Antiquity of Nepalese Woodcarving: A Reassessment (Washington, 2010), as well as over fifty important articles on these subjects, Mary is highly regarded as an authority and will be remembered by many generations of scholars for her outstanding achievements in the exploration of the Newar art and culture of the Kathmandu valley.

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Mar/Apr 2018
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