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An-yi Pan. The Fifth Moon Group: Pioneers of New Chinese Modern Art in Taiwan

The year 1957 was a pivotal one for Taiwan’s art history. Two of the most representative painting societies, the Fifth Moon Group and Ton-Fan Art Group, held their own group exhibitions, ushering in the post-war modern Chinese art movement in Taiwan. Although these artists had inherited various complex scenarios under colonialism regarding the promotion of modern art in non-Western regions, in spirit and content they did not follow the total Westernization advocated by Cai Yuanpei (1868–1949), minister of education in 1912 and president of Peking University from 1917 to 1926, and Chen Duxiu (1879–1942), founder of Xin qingnian (New Youth) magazine, during the May Fourth Movement, which emerged in Beijing in 1919. The new modern art movement in Taiwan instead focused on national and cultural reformation in the post-colonial era, and adopted a synthesized path. This article, centred on the Fifth Moon Group, explores the fermentation and growth of post-war modern art in Taiwan.

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Jan/Feb 2018
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