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Conference: Fired to Last: The Global Reach of Chinese Export Porcelain

Círculo Eça de Queiroz, Lisbon, Portugal
Saturday, 16 February, 2019  |  starts from 9:30  |  Official Website

The conference is hosted by Jorge Welsh Research & Publishing. It brings together six scholars to discuss the prolific production of Chinese export wares, the historical and geopolitical context of Europe and Asia at the time, contemporary collectors and some of the great collections still in existence and how these global cultural encounters and trade influenced society at large becoming an important factor in shaping the Modern World. This conference also coincides with the launch of Volume IV of The RA Collection of Chinese Ceramics, a collection of cross cultural works of art that includes what is considered the most comprehensive and relevant collection of Chinese export porcelain at the present time.


Jorge Santos Alves – Assistant Professor, Coordinator of the Oriental Studies Institute, and Coordinator of the MA in Asian Studies at the Faculty of Human Sciences, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Lisbon

Yupin Chung - Curator, The Burrell Collection, Glasgow and Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow

Ronald Fuchs II - Curator of Ceramics and Manager of the Reeves Center, Washington & Lee University, Lexington

Maria Antónia Pinto de Matos - Director of Museu Nacional do Azulejo and Director of Museu da Presidência da República, Lisbon

William Sargent - Independent Curator, USA

Cora Würmell - Curator for the Japanese and Chinese Porcelain collections of the PorzellansammlungStaatliche Kunstsammlungen, Dresden

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