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The Experience of Looking

Hong Kong Arts Centre
June 2 – 10, 2019  |  10am – 8pm daily

Rasti Chinese Art is pleased to present The Experience of Looking, a group exhibition of 6 contemporary artists from China and Europe to explore their shared interest and aesthetic sensibility in the Chinese literati tradition. Contemplating on the current fast-paced culture of acceleration, the exhibition aims to bring forward the concept of ‘slow art’ and to encourage visitors to see art slowly, and in time, to cultivate connoisseurship. 

The exhibition features over 60 works by a high calibre of artists including Daniel Eskenazi, Hao Shiming, The Master of the Water, Pine and Stone Retreat, Shao Wenhuan, Wang Mansheng and Zhao Meng. Working across mediums from ink painting, sculpture, to contemporary photography and mixed media, the artists are all grounded in the Chinese literati tradition while furthering the practice through revolutionary approaches and creative concepts.

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