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Maritime Crossroads: Millenia of Global Trade in Hong Kong

Special Exhibitions & Events Gallery & Long Gallery, Hong Kong Maritime Museum
3 June - 12 August, 2021  |  9:30am to 5:30pm (Monday to Friday), 10:00am to 7:00pm (Saturday,Sunday and Public holidays)  |  Official Website

Surrounded by the sea and depending on maritime resources, our lives are inseparably connected with the ocean. The long history of our activities at sea, our trading and cross-cultural interactions has deep roots in Hong Kong’s heritage, and is still highly relevant today. The ocean not only sustains our lives but has also transformed Hong Kong into a dynamic world city for everyone.

Organised and curated by the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, this exhibition displays two parallel yet highly connected narratives. The first examines the maritime stories of Hong Kong, whilst the second examines maritime interactions between Hong Kong, South China, East Asia, and the rest of the world. Five sections, namely “Tracing the Maritime Roots”, “Meeting Points of Trade and Culture”, “Wonders and Encounters”, “Integration and Interaction” and “Standing on the World Stage”, with ten anchoring themes arranged in chronological order interweave the Hong Kong maritime stories into global perspectives. The visitors embark on an exciting voyage of maritime discoveries, experiencing 6,000 years of Hong Kong maritime history, and anticipating future navigational landscapes.

A salon series, curator’s tour and education programmes will take place during the exhibition period to encourage discussions on topics in Hong Kong maritime history and heritage.

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