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Crowning Glory: The Beauty of Ladies’ Ornaments From Asia And Europe

Liang Yi Museum
September 17, 2019 – February 27, 2020  |  TUE - SAT, 10AM - 6PM  |  Official Website

Liang Yi Museum is delighted to present Crowning Glory: The Beauty of Ladies' Ornaments from Asia and Europe, a landmark exhibition exploring the role women’s clothing and accessories played in the social construction of gender and identity from the late imperial era in China and Japan to the early modern period. The compelling selection features over 250 exhibits, including objects of everyday use from traditional Chinese furniture associated with the boudoir, Japanese hair ornaments and silver pieces, to textiles from both cultures, providing an insightful view into the traditional and modern concept of female beauty in the East, and its dilution and evolution upon the introduction of Western notions, morals and ideas.

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