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Volume 9 – Number 1

Jan 1978

Zenga & Nanga Collection

Go East: Singapore

South Sulawesi

The Fijian Mystique

Islamic Cuisine

Cover. Paintings and calligraphy by Zen monks and bunjin (scholars), or Zenga and Nanga, were some of the principal artistic accomplishments of Japan in the Edo period (which is also known as the Tokugawa era, 1615 - 1868). Both came to Japan from China. Through the courtesy of Dr. Kurt and Millie Gitter and the New Orleans Museum of Art, we present some Zenga and Nanga from the definitive Gitter Collection. The cover is a detail from Night-Vigil, a scroll by Goshun (1752-1811). This and the photographs on pp. 38-53 are by Otto Nelson.


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