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Volume 8 – Number 3

Mar 1977

Harunobu’s Brocade Ukiyo-e

Khumb Mela: Morning of the Gods

Journey to Ulan Bator

Phoenix “Emperor” Wu Tse-tien

Lochukle: Palau Story Carvings

The ukiyo-e woodblock print of Japan has not always been in full-color. For years, the Japanese printmaker’s art followed the earliest method of the Chinese source to print from one block in black and white and to hand-color the work. In 1744, the kamimura kento – the guide mark – was in vented. This led to the development by Suzuki Harunobu – one of whose famous ukiyo-e bijin (beauties) we have on the cover – of the polychrome Japanese print made from many woodblocks. Photo by Arthur Kan. Courtesy, Genji Gallery, Hongkong.

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