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Volume 8 – Number 2

Feb 1977

Li An-Chung’s The Shrike

Autumn in Snow Country

Antique Beauty of the New Frontier

Marvelous Minka of Japan

Mughal Emperor Jehangir

Cover. Bird paintings, not of as Aristotelian aesthetic but of an Oriental – Taoist – respect for the nature of the bird independent of man’s valuation, are among China’s gifts to world art. During the sojourn of the Chinese imperial court in Hangchow, when the Sung was driven from its Yellow River seat at Kaifeng by advancing Chin forces, the “bird-predator-hunting-victim” genre reached a height that has yet to be surpassed. A master in this branch of Chinese painting was Li An-chung, whose “The Shrike” is analyzed in this issue by Tseng Yu of the National Palace Museum, Taipei.

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