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Volume 8 – Number 1

Jan 1977

Dayak Art of Kalimantan

Go East: Luminously Islamic Brunei

Hanoi of Memories

Gods of the Thai Dance

Nemesis of the Opium Trade

Cover. Sculptures in wood made by anonymous priestly craftsmen of the carious Dayak tribes of Borneo like this statue of a mother and child from Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of the island, are mere object d’art to outsides. The Dayak, however, look to these for good health, success and protection. The world of the Dayak is populated by men as well as by both good and evil souls and the wooden figures they wear as amulets, post in the approaches to their villages as mystic sentinels and erect throughout their land as monuments are living and potent beings. Courtesy, Werner Forman Archive.

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