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Volume 7 – Number 7

Jul 1976

Tha Dance of Siva
Sri Lanka’s Living Legend
The Philippine Skyland
Last Years of Intramuros

Cover. One of the best-loved Hindu images of South India is that of Siva Nataraja, the dancing Siva. The twelfth-century bronze shown here depicts the cosmic dance of Siva, the Lord of the Universe, in whose hands lie the powers of creation, protection, destruction and rejuvenation. Water, representing the holy Ganga, flows out from his locks until it touches the halo of leaping flames that surround the image; ignorance, represented by a dwarf, is crushed under the god’s feet. Siva Nataraja is the focus of this month’s Curator’s Choice by V.P. Dwevedi of the National Museum, New Delhi.

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