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Volume 7 – Number 3

Mar 1976

Portraits of Old Hawaii

Harpsichords in the Sky

Bewitching Bora-Bora

The Unlucky End of Lono

Cover. The Lei Maker, by turn-of-the-century American artist Teodore Wores, has been called by some critics an “Oriental Mona Lisa”. The painting may not yet be as hallowed as the Da Vinci masterpiece, but it certainly is one of Wores’s best, invested as it is with the warmth and sympathy and the eye for bold and contrasting colors which characterized all of Wores’s portraits of Pacific peoples and places. Wores’s Hawaiian canvases recorded a land, a people and a way of life that was disappearing even then. The Lei Maker is reproduced here by courtesy of Drs. A. Jess Shenson and Ben Shenson.

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