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Volume 7 – Number 12

Dec 1976

Ancient Swords of India
Go East: Papua New Guinea
Leaves from a Matsue Sketchbook
Regal Hunggi of Sumba
The Battle of Manila Bay

Cover. Like all societies that nurtured an aristocratic warrior class, India evolved a brilliant art of sword and dagger-making. Dr G.N. Pant of the National Museum, New Delhi, surveys this ancient art in this issue, with outstanding pieces in the Museum’s collection. Our cover shows the enameled hilt of an Alwar, Rajasthan, Khanjar (dagger), circa 1675, in the shape of a goat’s head. The horns are studded with emerald chips, the forehead with other precious stones; and the tongue and eyes are made of rebies and precious stones. Photo by Darshan Lall. (National Musuem, New Delhi.)

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