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Volume 7 – Number 10

Oct 1976

The Quiet Majesty of Ch’ing-pai
Penang: Citron and Celadon Isle
Country Report: Seychelles
The Mad Peasant-Painter of Taiwan

Cover. Some of the finest pieces of ch’ing-pai porcelain ever unearthed in the Philippine are in the collection of Roberto and Cora Villanueve of Manila. A beautiful, though slightly damaged, example is this ch’ing-pai water pouring vessel with a ‘grotto’ in its center. Ch’ing-pai, best translated as ‘bluish-white’, is that type of Chinese porcelain with a glaze that casts a shade of the palest blue or green on a white translucent body. It was first made in China in the northern Sung (A.D. 960-1127). Critics compare the best of the early ch’ing-pai with Ting ware of the Sung.

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