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Volume 51 – Number 5

September/October 2020

Volume 51   |   Number 5   |   SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020


COVER: European Costume Scene (detail)

Artist unknown, India, Mughal dynasty (1526–1857), reign of Akbar (1556–1605), c. 1590–95

Opaque watercolour on paper, 21.5 x 13.4 cm

The Cleveland Museum of Art

Andrew R. and Martha Holden
Jennings Fund (1971.89)

(Image courtesy of The Cleveland Museum of Art)

(see p. 73)


Drigungpa (detail)

Small stupa, Alchi, Ladakh, India


Mural painting

(Photograph by Christian Luczanits)

(see p. 39)­­­

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