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Volume 48 – Number 1

Jan/Feb 2017

Art and Independence: Y. G. Srimati and the Indian Style
‘Epic Tales from Ancient India’: Paintings from The San Diego Museum of Art
The Mythic Murals of Meru Sarpa
Art Historical References in the Manga of Takaya Miou

Carpets, Chariots and the State of Qin
Cloisonné: The Lazarist Legacy
The Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden in Pasadena, California
Art in Context
‘From the Lands of Asia’: An Interview with Sam Myers

COVER: Detail of Parashurama with the Battle Axe
By Y. G. Srimati (1926–2007), Chennai, 1946
Watercolour on paper, 50.5 x 33.7 cm
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Friends of Asian Art Gifts, 2009 (2009.103)

Our January/February 2017 issue marks our transition to a bi-monthly publication. Look out for our new categories, including a series on gardens, to cover both actual sites and representations; ‘Art in Context’, looking at art as it is used, experienced, or studied in the field; and ‘Curator’s Choice’, in which curators discuss their all-time favourite pieces. We hope you enjoy our new offerings, and that our new font makes them easier to read!

This issue’s lineup starts with an article on the modern artist Y. G. Srimati. John Guy examines the merging of art forms in her paintings, which embody the search for a new Indian identity. Continuing the theme of Indian painting, Marika Sardar introduces the show ‘Epic Tales from Ancient India’. We then move to Tibet, for a look at two murals at Meru Sarpa Monastery by Christopher Bell, and from there to Japan, with Stephen Salel’s discussion of the roots of Takaya Miou’s manga. Raphael Wong traces the origins of the decoration on some Western Rong chariots, while Emily Byrne Curtis presents the Lazarist contribution to cloisonné production in Beijing.

Our garden series kicks off with the story of a Japanese garden in Pasadena, related by Meher McArthur, and ‘Art in Context’ with Theresa Leung’s journey to Ladakh to witness the donning of Naropa’s bone ornaments. James Watt shares his favourite pieces, and we interview Sam Myers, whose collection is on view in Montreal.

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