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Volume 47 – Number 7

Oct 2016

The main focus this month is on Tibet, and particularly Lhasa, centring on the exhibition ‘Monumental Lhasa: Fortress, Palace, Temple’ at the Rubin Museum of Art. More than fifty works in diverse media were brought together for the show, the first to consider depictions of iconic monuments in Central Tibet as they were viewed between the 18th and early 20th centuries, mainly by Tibetans and Westerners. Natasha N. Kimmet’s article introduces the exhibition, its themes and concepts, and explores how the making of images contributes to the popularization and influence of a place. Bríd Caitrin Arthur discusses Tibetan monument paintings as a genre, while Diana Lange traces the origins of a set of drawings in the British Library’s Wise Collection, which constitute visual representations of Tibet, Ladakh and Zangskar in the mid-19th century. Knud Larsen then goes on to explain the principal features of Central Tibetan architecture and their rationale.

China Institute Gallery celebrates its 50th anniversary with an exhibition of masterworks from the Six Dynasties, which is also its inaugural show at its new premises. Gallery director Willow Weilan Hai relates the gallery’s history and the development of its exhibitions. Shawn Eichman takes up the Six Dynasties theme, discussing the influence of the period on later works.

Alexandra Green explains the characteristics of shadow puppets from southern Thailand, Java and Malaysia in connection with an exhibition at the British Museum. Finally, we interview Barbara Levy Kipper about her collection of exquisite jewellery, a promised gift to the Art Institute of Chicago, where it was recently exhibited.

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