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Volume 42 – Number 5

Jun 2011

Wall-paintings in early Himalayan cave-temples provide fascinating insights into the art history of the region, as revealed by three articles in our June issue. Helmut and Heidi Neumann discuss findings made during fieldwork at Pang gra phug in West Tibet. Susanne von der Heide documents clay statues and recently uncovered paintings in Mentsün Lhakhang in Mustang, Nepal. Peter van Ham explores two cave-temples at Tragkhung Kowache, Ladakh. In other Himalayan features, Michael Henss visits Gyantse to view two massive 15th century silk banners still in use today, while David Weldon reappraises the dating and provenance of two well-known Western Himalayan bronzes. Moving eastwards, Shihhwa Chiu introduces the exhibition at the National Palace Museum marking the historic reunion of two sections of a Yuan dynasty handscroll.

In addition, Tiffany Beres interviews Joseph Kurstin, a collector of netsuke, while Julie Segraves talks with Yang Bin and Yan Qing, whose focus is on Chinese contemporary art. Donald Stadtner pays tribute to the late Doris Wiener. Deborah Klimburg-Salter and Erika Forte report on the recent Tibet symposium and workshop at the University of Vienna. We also preview June fairs in Europe and review spring auctions in New York and Hong Kong. In our commentary, John Finlay responds to a review of the exhibition ‘The Art of Enlightenment’ at the National Museum of China.

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