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Volume 41 – Number 8

Nov/Dec 2010

With the 10th anniversary of the Korea Foundation Gallery at the British Museum, a series of articles in this issue traces the history of the collections and examines some of the highlights. In an interview, Jan Stuart provides an overview of major developments in the gallery. Sascha Priewe discusses objects purchased through the generosity of Hahn Kwang-ho. Youngchan Oh looks back to the very beginning of Korean archaeology, focusing on William Gowland's travels in Korea in the late 19th century and the objects he collected. Charlotte Horlyck presents research on the manufacture, stylistic changes and usage of metalwork in the Goryeo period. Hyun-jung Park uses clues from clothing and textile history to elucidate the significance of a Joseon period portrait. Jung-Taek Lee explores the changing contexts of museum objects over time, with reference to Korean objects from the 1910 Japan-British Exhibition.

Adele Schlombs and Anita Chung discuss Chinese Buddhist sculptures acquired from Giuseppe Eskenazi in the Museum of East Asian Art Cologne and The Cleveland Museum of Art, respectively, and Edmund Capon interviews Eskenazi on his 50th anniversary in the Asian art field.

Carol Michaelson introduces the exhibition 'China's Terracotta Army' at the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, Stockholm.

Orientations speaks to Theow H. Tow on his retirement from Christie's. In our commentary, Atteqa Ali reports on social activism among Pakistani artists in response to the disastrous floods this summer.

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