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Volume 4 – Number 9

Sep 1973

Coromandel Coast
Sydney Opera House
Rape of Angkor Wat
Pacific Whaling Trade
The Parsis

Cover. Blood pouring form its sides, a wounded sperm whale goes into a frenzy, twisting and turning and threatening to upset the small whaling boats which surround it. Few activities could match the Pacific whale hunt for danger and excitement, and no one knew this better than the Americans who dominated the whaling trade in the 1800s. In the peak whaling year of 1846, there were no fewer than 729 Yankee whalers riding the blue of the Pacific in search of the great sperm whale. It had been an American shore whaler, blown off the coast during a ferocious storm, that had hooked the first sperm whale and thereby opened up a new chapter in Pacific maritime history. Cover picture by courtesy of the Peabody Museum, Salem, Massachusetts.

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