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Volume 4 – Number 7

Jul 1973

Subtle Charms of Kyushu
Jogja on the Mind
Silk Road of China
Indian Miniatures
Tribal Art of Borneo

Cover. A princess of the early Sung dynasty, from Buddhist murals along the old Silk Road, at Tunhuang in northwest China. The murals of Tunhuang are regarded as among the great religious art treasure of the world. Most of the Murals date back to the fourth and seventh centuries. After the fourteenth century, when the Silk Road was abandoned, the Tunhuang Caves were Sealed, not to be opened until the end of the nineteenth century. The portrait of the Sung princess, now in the collection of the National Palace Museum in Taipei, was a copy of a Tunhuang mural done by the Chinese artists, Chang Dai-ch’en.

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