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Volume 4 – Number 10

Oct 1973

Mystic Spell of Koyasan
Hard Times in Serendip
Chinese Torture
Melbourne Orientguide

Cover: On a small promontory near the river's edge, a pretty Chinese criminal wears a heavy wooden cangue as the price for his misdeeds. Canguing was a common means of punishment in Imperial China, especially for minor crimes. Offenders who were forced to wear the yoke stood in a public market or near the place where they had committed their crime. The punishment was meant to cause social disgrace as well as physical pain, and it thus had a highly deterrent  effect. No man—of his family—would ever again want to face the public humiliation and loss of face that canguing caused. Hand-painted eighteenth-century print, by G. Nicol, is from IDL Gallery, Hongkong.

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