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Volume 39 – Number 7

Oct 2008

In this issue we focus mainly on traditional Bengal and Gandhara. We begin with John Huntington's review of the catalogue for the cancelled show 'Art of the Ganges Delta', scheduled to be held at the Musée Guimet last year, which includes works from museums in today's Bangladesh. Christian Luczanits looks at the diverse cultural influences revealed by a selection of Gandharan art, some of which is included in the upcoming exhibition in Bonn,' Gandhara - The Buddhist Heritage of Pakistan', and Yoshihide Koizumi discusses two groups of Gandharan reliefs excavated from the Zar Dheri temple site in 1999. Also, in her article on Champaner-Pavagadh, Amita Sinha shows how hill forts are a significant part of India's cultural heritage, and explains proposed conservation efforts spearheaded by the University of Illinois.

Additionally, Joe Earle presents the work of eight contemporary bamboo artists, to be featured in the coming show at the Japan Society in New York, while Yang Xiaoneng, in the fourth of a series of articles, examines several Ming tombs and their significance for our understanding of the arts of the period. Valerie C. Doran reveals the ideas behind the forthcoming exhibition at the Hong Kong Museum of Art, 'Looking for Antonio Mak'.

We also interview Robert Tsao, who recently donated the proceeds from the auction of his Qianlong period enamelled glass brushpot to two non-profit organizations and the relief efforts for the Sichuan earthquake; and Jimmy Pinto, a collector of Gandharan art.

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