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Volume 39 – Number 6

Sep 2008
Our September issue brings us to Tibet and the Himalayas with articles introducing exciting new discoveries and another looking back on the past as we further engage with the rich culture and offerings of the region. Helmut and Heidi Neumann discover that the Khojar portal in Western Tibet is important not only as the most complex wooden ensemble surviving of the period but because it contains a large number of scenes from two Indian texts, the Ramayana and the legend of Jimutavahana.

Per Sørensen shows us that the roots of the universally known Dalai Lama institution goes back almost 900 years to the founding legend and history of Reting, the first Kadampa monastery in Tibet. Also looking back in history is Christian Luczanits's article discussing the monumental expedition to Tibet of two young Americans in 1938 and their resultant memoir and accompanying photos. Amy Heller begins with the founding of the Ramoche temple in Lhasa and tracks the different changes it has undergone over time to end with a discussion of the restoration of the roof and roof shrine.

Moving on, Gudrun Bühnemann demonstrates that icons in Tusha Hiti are among the finest Tantric sculptures in Nepal. Michael Knight, Ruan Weiping and Bai Ning mark an exhibition of court arts from the Ming dynasty on view at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco until 21 September. Sylvan Barnet and William Burto, collectors of Japanese art, explore the meaning of Japanese chinso portraits.

We offer tributes to Roxanna Brown, director of The Southeast Asian Ceramics Museum at Bangkok University, and Sherman Lee, the distinguished former director of The Cleveland Museum of Art. September also features reports on recent auctions worldwide and previews of the flurry of international events this autumn.

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