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Volume 33 – Number 8

Oct 2002

The diverse works of art covered this month are distinguished by the connoisseurs who acquired them. Exhibitions featuring Sylvan Barnet and William Burto's collection of Japanese paintings and calligraphy, and Eugene V. Thaw's steppe art collection, open at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Miyeko Murase's article introduces the much-neglected topic of early paper decoration by comparing examples belonging to Barnet and Burto with others in Japanese museums. John Rosenfield provides an overview of their collection against the background of modern scholarship, while Barnet and Burto reminisce over their adventures in collecting with Valerie Doran. This year's October exhibition at the National Palace Museum in Taipei focuses on the Qianlong emperor. Wang Cheng-hua discusses the changing image of the museum and teh complex personality of a collector extraordinaire. Katheryn Linduff contextualizes artefacts from the scattered regions of teh Eastern Eurasian steppe. Finally, Guy Ullens discusses his passion for contemporary Chinese art with Marcel Croës.

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