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Volume 33 – Number 10

Dec 2002

The theme of the first group of articles in this issue is the art of Nepal, and in particular aspects of iconography. John Huntington discusses the Svayambhu Mahachaitya and its place in Newar Buddhism; Dina Bangdel examines the role of the goddess at the Mhepi Ajima shrine; and Janice Glowski argues that a vest fragment now in the Los Angelos County Museum of Art had protective properties as a kavacha. Also this month, Helmut Neumann focuses on cremation grounds depicted in early Tibetan mandalas and argues that the inclusion of a group of eight mahasiddhas in the paintings has no parallel in known texts describing the mandalas. Aimée Froom introduces two Indian paintings donated to the Brooklyn Museum of Art and an ongoing exhibition of illustrations from the Hamzanama. The Shanghai Museum is holding an anniversary exhibition of Chinese paintings and calligraphy; Chen Xiejun gives a brief preview of the show and looks back over the last fifty years.

There is coverage of the autumn auctions in New York and Hong Kong, and finally, in her commentary Claudine Bautze-Picron looks into problems of provenance in Indian art.
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