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Volume 31 – Number 4

Apr 2000


Guanxiu and Exotic Imagery in Rakan Paintings

On the Attribution of The Metropolotan Museum of Art's Birds and Flowers Screens

Seventeenth Century Japanese Ceramics from the Burke Collection and The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Influence of Edo Period Ukiyo-e on Kiyotaka's Paintings

Profile on Mary Griggs Burke



The Second Rakan
Japan, Nanbokucho period, 14th century
Hanging scroll, ink and colour on silk
Mary and Jackson Burke Foundation


This issue coincides with 'Japanese Art from the Mary Griggs Burke Collection', an exhibition of some 200 works from the most comprehensive private holding of Japanese art in the West, which takes place at The Metropolitan Museum of Art from 30 March to 25 June. Masako Watanabe examines a painting of the Second Rakan, recently acquired by the Mary and Jackson Burke Foundation, as well as other extant works in the style of the Chinese painter Guanxiu. Hideo Yamamoto investigates the attribution and dating of a pair of six-panel bird-and-flower screens in the Metropolitan museum, and suggests that they could be an important part of the oeuvre of a well-known master of the Momoyama period. Taking examples from the Burke collection and the Metropolitan, Andrew Maske traces the progression of ceramic techonology and taste in the seventeenth century. Masato Naito's study of paintings by Kaburaki Kiyokata demonstrates the influence that ukiyo-eof the Edo period had on the artist and his works. In her profile of Mary Griggs Burke, Valerie C. Doran outlines the evolution of her involvemnet in and appreciation of Japanese art.
Finally, with ongoing investigations of past practices at Christie's and Sotheby's, our commentary addresses the current status of the two auction houses.
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