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Volume 28 – Number 3

Mar 1997


'Reflections on Chinese Ornament' - A Symposium at The Denver Art Museum
Vanity of Vanities: Adorning the Body in Life and Death
The Ornamented Belt/Hairpins and Earrings as Signs of Social and Cultural Identity
Early Bronze Mirrors/Gold Wire in Ancient China
The Mengdiexuan Collection: An Interview with Betty Lo and Kenneth Chu

Detail of belt hook
Warring States period, 3rd century BCE
Bronze, silver, gold and turquoise
Mengdiexuan Collection, H-067, 'Adornment for Eternity', cat. no. 26
(Photography by Bill O'Connor)

This issue features a series of articles based on papers delivered at the symposium 'Reflections on Chinese Ornament' at The Denver Art Museum in conjunction with the travelling exhibition of gold, silver and bronze objects from the Mengdiexuan Collection, 'Adornment for Eternity: Status and Rank in Chinese Ornament'. The articles examine the hisotry of personal adornment in China with an emphasis on the social and cultural context of bodily ornament, the hierarchy of precious metals and other materials, and the technical means by which jewellery, hair ornaments and garment accessories were made. An interview with Betty Lo and Kenneth Chu, owners of the Mengdiexuan Collection, is also included.
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