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Volume 27 – Number 8

Sep 1996

Tribute to Miyeko Murase
Muromachi Period 'Life of Buddha' Paintings in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Imperial Sponsorship of Art in 17th Century Kyoto
The Kongo-ji Screens and the Tradition of Yamato-e 'Sun and Moon' Imagery
Kim Hongdo's Village School and its Possible Antecedents in 16th/17th Century Christian Engravings

Detail of 'Sun and Moon' landscape
Muromachi period, late 15th century
Pair of six-panel screens, ink, colour, gold, silver and mica on paper
Kongo-ji, Kawachi-Nagano, Osaka prefecture
Important Cultural Property

This issue is a tribute to Professor Miyeko Murase on her retirement after 35 years teaching Asian Art at Columbia University in New York. It was Dr Murase's many students who requested us, through Denise Leidy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, to be their forum for this tribute. In turn, their response to our request for articles has been so overwhelming that it is necessary to publish the tribute in two issues. The second issue is planned for February 1997.
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