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Volume 25 – Number 1

Jan 1994

The Art and Architecture of Huizhou in the Late Ming Dynasty
Bamboo Furniture

'Five Pines' from Chengshi moyuan
(Cheng's Catalogue of Inks)
Published by Zilan Tang, 1606
Wood-block print
Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art, London

The district of Huizhou in southern Anhui province was once one of China's most prosperous regions, its great families filling the mountainous lanscape with mansions, shrines and commemorative monuments, and its artists, writers and book publishers making significant contributions to the intensely rich and sophisticated culture of the late Ming and early Qing periods. Today Huizhou is one of the poorest areas in the People's Republic of China. This issue is devoted to the golden era of Huizhou's history, and to current efforts to preserve what is left of it.
The magazine would like to thank Soren Edgren and Robert Ellsworth for their considerable assistance in making this issue possible.
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