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Volume 11 – Number 9

Sep 1980

Chinese Cloisonné

Zamboanga and Camiguin

Taiwan: “Ilha Formosa”

Lang’s Latent Landscapes

Castrillo’s Situational Sculptures

Lee Shi-chi’s Serigraphs

Cover. Chinese cloisonné plate with design of crane at water’s edge, Ming dynasty, 16th century; diameter 17 cm. The Robert and Marian Clague Collection; photograph supplied by the Phoenix Art Museum.

 “Ilha Formosal!” (Beautiful Island!) called out the Portuguese sailors at their first sight of what is now Taiwan. Our GO EAST study of the island is derived from a recent one-man photographic show in Hong Kong which celebrates that beauty. Taiwan’s contemporary art, poetry and creative photographs are also well represented by works of Lee Shi-chi, Chou Meng-tieh and Lang Jing-shan. Chinese cloisonné from the renowned Clague Collection, now on exhibit in the United States, is featured in HERITAGE. Our HISTORY entry profiles Li Honhzhang, the Qing Empress Dowager’s eminent envoy.


Zamboange and Camiguin are at opposite ends of Mindanao, and Philippines’s southern heartland, and offer two of its many faces in our GO EAST entries. Eduardo Castrillo is one of Manila’s leading sculptors. Gato Islet’s sea snakes industry is surveyed in ORIENTGUIDE, accompanied by reviews of books on Philippines’s fiestas, and an award-winning guide book.

 Fred S. Armentr

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