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Volume 11 – Number 6

Jun 1980

Art of Irian Jaya

Bandung, Is Paris Calling?

Bali’s Stone Pantheon

Sea Pirates and Bugis Schooners

Uku Calendars

Cover. Balinese wood carving, ca. 1935. From the collection of Donald Friend, the Australian artist and writer who lives in Bali.

”Bhinneka Tunggal Ida” (Unity in Diversity) is Indonesia’s motto, and no wonder. The nation is an archipelago of over 13,000 islands inhabited by almost 140 million people speaking some 200 languages besides Indonesian. A map of Indonesia superimposed on one of the Atlantic would stretch from New York across the Ocean and reach deep into West Africa. Such is its enormity.

Indonesia is a nation bonded by water. This theme recurs in our tribute to Bugis schooners in ORIENTALIA, our look at the pirates of the archipelagoes in HISTORY, and in the colonial legacy of Banda discussed in our book review in ORIENTGUIDE.

Aspects of diverse peoples and artistic expressions are portrayed by the complementary GO EAST visit to the Dani people of interior West Irian and HERITAGE entry on the art of the coastal Asmat people.

The June issue features work from prominent photo-journalists. Fred and Margaret Eiseman are a team who have been studying Indonesia, and Bali in particular, for the last 20 years. Frank Fischbeck, a regular contributor, has had his photographs published in some of the world’s most prestigious pictorial magazines. Marcus Brooke left a career teaching Immunology at Harvard and M. I. T. to become one of Asia’s most noted magazine and newspaper writers.

Fred S. Armentrout

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