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Volume 11 – Number 4

Apr 1980

Chinnery Portraits and China Coast Painters

Pakistan’s K2 Calling and Karakorum Highway

Burma’s Brass-Necked Women

Fung Hong-hou: Seal Carver

Chinese Martial Arts Movies


Cover. Portrait by George Chinnery (1774-1852) of an elderly Chinese, his name Ma Zhibing written on the pillar at the right. He was presumably a merchant or an accountant. This fine little study exemplifies Chinnery’s ability to adapt his style and mood to his subject. Collection of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. 13 x 11 inches.


Art lovers will find this issue especially absorbing. Prominent figures in the field have authored articles in our HERITAGE, ORIENTALIA and PORTFOLIO sections. By arrangement with the organizers of a special exhibition of portraits by George Chinnery, drawn from the collection of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation and to be displayed at the Secong Annual International Asian Antiques Fair in Hong Kong, we feature articles by Michael Sullivan, Edward King and John Warner as our HERITAGE offerings. Sullivan is an internationally renowned Oriental art historian, King is with Spink and Son Ltd (London), and Warner is former curator of the Hong Kong Museum of Art.


Our PORTFOLIO artist, Fung Hong-hou, may be considered a “Living National Treasure” of Hong Kong. The profile is by James C. Y. Watt, Curator of the Art Gallery, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, who studied seal carving and calligraphy with Fung.


Pakistan is the sole topic of our GO EAST section, with accounts of an exciting trek to the foot of K2, second only to Everest in height, and another from the wife of a United States ambassador to Sri Lanka of the inaugural trip to the Karakorum Highway with President Zia. The latter is given historical perspective set in the eighth century by a historian from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Fred S. Armentrout



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