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Volume 11 – Number 2

Feb 1980

Effigies in S. Sulawesi

Pushkar Rites and Races

Shiwan Wares

Burmese Lacquerware

Shinoda’s suiboku

Ching Court Costumes

Cover. Figure of the Song dynasty painter and calligrapher Mi Fei, his robe covered with crackled grayish white glaze. Potter’s mark of Liu Zuochao. Ht. 16.6 com. Early 20th century. The stance of the figure and the modelling of the head imbue the figure with a powerfully expressive quality that distinguishes the best of the ceramic sculpture produced at the south Chinese kilns at Shiwan, Guandong province. Photograph courtesy of the Fung Ping Shan Museum, University of Hong Kong.

This month’s Orientations carries a special feature on an exhibition currently being held at the Asia House Gallery in New York: “In the Presence of the Dragon Throne.” The show features Chinese court costumes of the Ching dynasty from the magnificent collection of the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. This is not the first time Orientations has devoted a special feature to an American exhibition of Oriental art, and we invited to carry more such stories in the future, Our aim is to run the stories the month before the exhibitions open or, at the latest, to coincide with the openings.

To help readers take further advantage of special oriental art exhibitions, Orientations has expanded its calendar of events in Orientguide to include a listing of exhibits in the United States and Hong Kong. As the calendar is a relatively new feature of the magazine, the guide is still incomplete. But we hope to have eventually a full listing which will include events in Europe and elsewhere in Asia.

With this issue, Hin-cheung Lovell joins Orientations as Associate Editor. Mrs. Lovell comes from the Freer Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., where she was on the curatorial staff from1968 to 1978. She was educated in Hong Kong and studied Chinese Archaeology at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University.

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