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Volume 11 – Number 11

Nov 1980

Chinese Gardens

700 Years of Cizhou Wares

Yangze Life

Inside Inner Mongolia

Walled Cities

Tibetan Buddhism in China

Chengde, Imperial Summer City

Bai Xueshi and Li Kuchan

Cover. Shaped holes are a prominent feature in Chinese gardens. Sometimes the gardener utilizes the view through the hole, dramatizing the effect of what lies beyond (see page 38 and 39). At other times he creates a pleasing pattern within the framework of the hole, as in this example in a Suzhou garden. Photograph by Barry Broman.


Our China issue features an interest assortment of contributors and topics. From beyond the Great Wall Paul Gillingham and Manshih Yonfan bring a glimpse of life in Inner Mongolia. Photographer Manshih Yonfan  spent a year in China at government invitation and has published a book of his visual impressions. Tibetans and their lamaseries in the frontier provinces of China are a special interest of Peter Humphrey, a teacher in Beijing. Chengde, the site of an imperial summer city of temples and gardens, is discussed in ORIENTGUIDE.


Museum curator Yutaka Mino is a leading expert on China’s Cizhou ceramic wares. Maggie Keswick grew up in China and Hong Kong and has developed a longstanding love of Chinese gardens into a superb book on the subject. A HISTORY on the walled cities of China is offered by Ronald G. Knapp who co-edited the translation of a classic Japanese language study of 100 Chinese cities. Primerose Gigliesi has lived in Beijing since the early 1960s. Her profiles of Li Kuchan and Lao Bai derive from a book on contemporary Chinese artists now in preparation. Caroline Courtauld steamed through the Yangze’s famous gorges and Steven Butler was an exchange scholar who spent six months in a commune of northern China. Nancy Berliner monitors PRC – T. V. programs for a major American news broadcasting network.


Fred S. Armentrout


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