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Volume 11 – Number 1

Jan 1980

Trekking in Nepal

England in Christchurch

A Legacy of Carpets

Chinese Incense Clocks

Balinese Peasant-Painters

Cover: This rare Tabriz picture rug in kork wool (a material that is more valuable than silk) is exceptionally precise in its drawing. The rug is signed by the master weaver and has unusual embroidered silk kelims at both ends. It depicts the life story of Sheikh Sannan – a legendary Persian darvesh (saint). This and the antique and semi-antique rugs illustrated in this issue, are from the private collection of Ilyas Ahmad, Hongkong.

 Orientations enters its second decade of publication with this issue. It is an entry enlivened by the vigor of a new editor and one which is committed to the continuation of our well-tried editorial aspirations. Orientations will continue to bring you a balanced presentation of pictorial articles on Asian arts, ancient and contemporary; Asian cultures and lifestyles; thoughtfully composed and illustrated essays on unique travel destinations; historical sketches, and our monthly compendium of notices and reviews in Orientguide . In sum, we will remain at once an Asian arts magazine, an Asian geographic magazine and an Asian intellectual digest designed for permanent value.

Fred S. Armentrout, Editor, created publications for Hongkong’s Festival of Asian Arts before joining Orientations, and prior to that was the publications director for the organizers of Hongkong’s First Annual International Asian Antiques Fair held last May, for whom he remains a consultant. He has been in the publishing field for 12 years. As an undergraduate major in Dramatic Arts, he studied film criticism and was a filmmaker. His graduate work in Creative Writing at City College of New York followed earlier acceptance as a contributing poet to the renowned Breadloaf Writers’ Conference in Vermont.

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