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Volume 10 – Number 9

Sep 1979

An Asian University’s Museum

Royal Balinese Wedding

Haunting, Haunted Mergui

Imperial Carpenters’ City

La Naval de Manila

Bazaar: Kashmiri Papier-Mache

 Cover. A Tang dynasty (618-906 A.D. ) glazed earthenware amphora. Height 29.3 cm. This is one of the splendid objets d’art in the growing collection of Malaysia’s Muzium Seni Asia, the university of Malaya’s museum for the arts of Asia. The new museum’s curator is the eminent Oriental Art expert, Professor William Willetts, who writes on the importance of a “university museum in providing an alternative path to learning” while providing students a chance to experience the “pleasurable exercise of the sense of beauty…” (Photo, copyright W. Willetts)


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