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Volume 43 – Number 6

Sep 2012


Celebrating Lothar Ledderose
Korean Collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum
'Ritual and Revelry' at the British Museum
Celestial Realms: The Art of Nepal from California Collections
Qin Bronze at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Konoe Nobutada's Waka Byobu Screen at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Cover: Detail of Vamana and King Bali
North India, 19th century
Watercolour on paper
Height 27.2 cm, width 20.5 cm
British Museum (Asia 1880,0.2045)
(image courtesy of the British Museum and © The Trustees of the British Museum)

Global interest in art has never been stronger, and Adele Schlombs’s article honours the significant scholarly contributions made to the field by Lothar Ledderose, who recently celebrated his 70th birthday. Reflecting on the expanding cultural engagement between East and West are articles related to collections and exhibitions on both sides of the Atlantic. In the UK, Beth McKillop and Pauline LeMoigne summarize twenty years of the V&A’s dedicated Korean gallery, while an exhibition centred on practices of ritual and revelry is the focus of essays by Sascha Priewe and Ainsley M. Cameron.

Over in the US, Nancy Tingley and Nutandhar Sharma discuss highlights of an exhibition of Nepalese art on view at the Crocker Art Museum. Ahead of an exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Liu Yang presents findings on the shift from symbolic to realistic imagery of animals that occurred during the Qin period; and in connection with the Met’s ongoing show on Rinpa aesthetics, Sadako Ohki examines a six-panel folding screen created by Konoe Nobutada, using waka poems by six female Japanese poets.

Other features include Margaret Tao’s and Carol Conover’s respective tributes to Edie Frankel and Lilly Schloss. Finally, Bao Pu and Renee Chiang comment on the case of a forged Han period jade burial suit and its wider implications for China’s antiques market.

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