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Stephen Allee, Debra Diamond, Carol Huh and Ann Yonemura. Arthur M. Sackler Gallery: Exhibition Highlights, 1987-2012

In its first 25 years, the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery has enriched the understanding of Asia by presenting new scholarship and rare objects in 150 dynamic, provocative exhibitions. With both large international loan exhibitions and focused explorations, the Sackler is committed to presenting masterpieces in impeccably designed galleries that elicit aesthetic appreciation, wonder and knowledge. Advanced technologies, such as three-dimensional imaging, have further expanded the impact of new research for the nearly one million visitors who viewed our exhibitions in 2011. Multimedia resources such as an interactive catalogue on Southeast Asian ceramics (, webinars and podcasts reached a further 3.8 million virtual visitors in 2011. Our exhibitions and digital research tools have brought the Sackler’s curators, staff and research fellows together with major public and private institutions, scholars and collectors from across the globe to illuminate Asian art and culture as a profoundly ‘complex and interconnected phenomenon, with multiple routes, entry points, and exits’. 

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