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Puay-peng Ho. Commentary: Values in Heritage Conservation: The Case of Ho Tung Gardens, Hong Kong.

Ho Tung Gardens, a villa built on Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak in 1927, has been in the media spotlight for more than a year owing to an ongoing dispute between the owner, who wishes to demolish it, and the government, which proposes to conserve it. The dispute is of particular relevance given Hong Kong’s recent commitments to heritage conservation: the 2007 appointment of Carrie Lam to the newly created position of Secretary for Development was intended to demonstrate the government’s desire to be seen as taking the issue seriously.

The main social and architectural reasons for conserving Ho Tung Gardens surround the man who built it, Sir Robert Ho Tung, the life of his second wife Lady Clara, who occupied the villa, and the importance of the building’s architectural identity.

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