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Nancy C. Lee. A Historic House in Hong Kong: The Future Ink Art Centre?

King Yin Lei (景賢里; ‘The House of Virtuous Views’) is a majestic Chinese-style mansion on Hong Kong island, located on a hillside overlooking Happy Valley. The house was commissioned by Li Po-lun, the second wife of Shum Yat Chor (1870-1959), whose family had made its fortune from Macau’s gambling industry. Shum himself had succeeded in the herbal medicine business, but the bulk of his fortune came from gold mining in Australia. Upon their return to Hong Kong from Australia, Li engaged a Beijing architect to design the house, while the architectural firm owned by Arthur Robert Fenton-Raven (1877-1965) oversaw the project. Begun in 1936 and completed around 1939, the house was originally named Hei Lo (禧盧; ‘The Humble House of Happiness’), and was occupied by Li, Shum and their family.

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